Our advice to you when renting a car

At the Airport or?

Watch for price differences between airport and city locations. Airport 
authorities charge huge fees to airport car rental operators, who typically pass these costs on to you, the final consumer. Consider taking a bus or taxi to an off airport counter or better yet avoid parking fees and get to your hotel first. Most major cities have good public transport options to a hotel. Spend a few days in the landing city before renting your car.

Book early or?

In the summer months, in certain markets, there are chances that demand will go up.  It is safer to plan ahead and ensure you can secure a car. If you are planning a trip in the fall or Spring, you can wait until the last minute to book. Winter months can cause stress on the fleet when car rental operators typically carry less inventory. When in doubt,
book early. 

Take Insurance or?

Car rental insurance is confusing no matter where in the world you travel to. Insurance laws are different by market, making the matter of how you are covered even more confusing. We recommend you book with a travel site such as ours that offers car rental coverage included in a base price. What better way to start your holiday when you don't have a myriad of insurance questions worrying you at the checkout counter.


Most car rental companies offer extras. We leave it up to each traveler to determine if they really require that Luxury car or 4x4. We do however recommend one extra to avoid. If you plan on traveling with your child, bring your own baby seat. Who knows your baby seat better than you? How to install it? How clean it is? Airlines allow the transportation of baby seats free of charge, allowing you to avoid the insecurity of availability or quality of the baby seat the car rental companies offer.

A great video explaining various fuel policies 

Every car rental company has a different policy on fuel. Its worth being prepared on what you will accept when presented with options. This video will help you make that decision ahead of time. Be sure to research fuel station placements in relation tot he car rental depot in advance. It may be worth peace of mind to prepay the fuel tank if the nearest fuel station is far from the return location.